About TL Longhorns

In March of 2013, Larry and Toni Stegemoller purchased 3 bred Texas Longhorn cows from Rocking O Longhorns of Lockhart, Texas and they were delivered to the small ranch near Brazos Point, 10 miles SE of Glen Rose, Texas, by Curtis Ohlendorf of Rocking O. With no experience, no trailer, no barn and very little knowledge of the breed, this Texas Longhorn story began. 

In May 2018, the ranch at Brazos Point was sold and TL Longhorn Ranch moved to a larger, more cattle friendly location on 226 acres of sandy loam, coastal bermuda and gorgeous oaks, 5 miles SE of Cleburne, Texas, in the rural community of Liberty Chapel.

This website, as well as TL Longhorn Ranch and business, is a work in progress. We're learning from our mistakes and successes, with the help of some wonderful friends and mentors in the business. TL Longhorns is promoted via Facebook and this website by Toni. Larry is most active with maintaining the animals and ranch.

We reside on our ranch and interact with our longhorns daily, feeding, working and just spending quality time in the pasture with them. As a result, our herd is calm and gentle. Any animal that does not fit this description does not stay.